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Foster a Furry Friend

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Join our Forever Foster Program

With the Forever Foster program at Hatton Animal Rescue Foundation & Sanctuary, we cover ALL medical costs for the animal you welcome into your home. This can be a forever foster or a temporary foster family. This will depend on the medical needs of your furry friend and your limitations as a foster friend. 


We simply ask that you provide food, basic needs, and of course, LOVE!

A forever foster is a senior animal or an animal with medical needs that takes adoption off the table. Forever Fosters are often seniors, who are often low energy and can be easier to care for. These are the animals who are overlooked at animal shelters and are the first to be euthanized. We are in need of SENIOR SAVIORS for these animals.


The homes committing to this mission will be the first to tell you how fulfilling it is. The love these animals give is unequalled and they’ll quickly become part of a family unit.


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Thank you! We’ll be in touch.


Every animal deserves a loving home........

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