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The Hatton Animal Rescue Foundation was founded by Gary and Annette Hatton who saw a great gap in our society when it comes to the care and support of special needs animals and seniors. These animals are the ones most left behind and typically deemed un-salvageable or un-adoptable due to their medical conditions and age. 

We foster many different types of animals with special needs and/or disabilities in the hopes that they will one day be adopted into a loving home. If one cannot be found, we provide the comfort, care and forever home they need. 

Due to the nature of farm animals being more challenging to adopt out, these special guys typically become our permanent residents!

If you are interested in Adopting any of our wonderful and special animals, please check out our Adoption page!

If you would like to Donate or assist in the care and fostering of a specific animal, please check out our Donations page!

If you have need to surrender an animal, please Contact Us Directly or Complete a Surrender Form!

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