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Oscar the Donkey

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Oscar's previous owners inherited him with the house they just bought.  At age 36 they essentially turned him out to pasture.  He was provided with grass, a shelter and water.  He then foundered and was not treated at all.  Hatton Animal Rescue Foundation finally heard about him when he was 39 years old.  He weighed under 300 lbs when his normal weight should have been 600 lbs.  His hooves had not been trimmed in at least 3 years and he could hardly walk.  He was rehabilitated and treated for all of his health needs once he was rescued. He lived to be 44 years old in comfort and love. 


Frankie - Our newest Member!

Just Rescued!

Frankie is an 8.5 year old Rat Terrier currently getting checked out by the vet! More to come!


Mister Chance

Loving Life

Mister Chance came to us at about 11 months of age.  Blind since birth his previous owner could no longer care for him. He had been kept in 10 x 10 stall since he was born.  After he came to HARF, he had pasture privileges and adapted well.  Sadly, some loose neighborhood  dogs jumped our fence killing 2 other goats and breaking both of Chance’s front legs along with suffering multiple bite wounds in his haunches.  Severe infection set in and he spent 4 months at New Bolton Vet hospital.  HARF ensured he had the best care through it all. He is fully recovered and enjoying life.



Loved and Supported

Buddy is an 18 year old paint gelding who was surrendered by his owners because they could no longer care for him. He was diagnosed with a corneal fungus and ulcer which had penetrated into the eye. We picked Buddy up in Taneytown and took him directly to Dr. Nunnery, a horse ophthalmologist practicing in Warrenton, Va.. Buddy was stabilized over the weekend and an extensive surgery was performed on Monday which included a corneal graft and cleaning out the fungus and other harmful tissue from the eye. At the same time it was noticed that he had squamous cell cancer on the lower eyelid and had that partially removed. They were able to save the eye but Dr. Nunnery is very concerned that Buddy may not regain sight in the eye.

We brought him home for rest and recovery. He still requires medication for his eye - through a lavage every 4 hours for at least 3 weeks. He is adjusting well and has attracted the attention of one of our mares. We can’t turn him out with the other horses for a while but they do a lot of talking. Thanks to Windsor Veterinary for referring the owners to us. If they had waited much longer it could have been a different outcome for Buddy

Updates: He has suffered an abscess on his right front hoof. He has been in  a cast and stall rest for over 8 weeks. He is recovering well and has had the cast taken down to only his hoof. He can go out in the small pasture and hopefully will soon be fully recovered. His eye seems to be stable - he wears a sun block mask whenever he goes out is and continuing to get checked out every 6 months. 

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