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Nora the CBR

This Nora who we are currently fostering for she is available for adoption through them! She’s a sweet loving girl! Nora would be an excellent choice for a dog/Chessie experienced single, couple, or a home with older children who understand resource guarding. She will bond completely with her care givers and become a devoted companion. Nora would do best as an only pet in the home or in one where she will be correctly introduced to the cat/s.

Nora will chew up a tennis ball or toys~only hard rubber toys or chews are recommended with supervision. She will pick up a shoe and walk around with it, but does not chew it up. Has not chewed up furniture or any home belongings at the foster's home.

She will sit in the bath tub and wait for someone to turn on the faucet, so she can drink out of it!

She will raid the trash can/s and eat out of them~all trash will need to be secured.

Nora will go to the door and bark to be let out to bathroom. She LOVES white American cheese and swimming!

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