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Chico the Determined (and stubborn)!

This is Chico.  He is a 13 yo beagle chihuahua mix.  He inherited some of the worst personality traits of both breeds but is still a snuggler when he demands to be!  He is very vocal at times and really gets going when someone else starts a braking. 

Chico had spine surgery 5 years ago and required confinement in a small area to recuperate.  He does not like to be confined and proved it when he was left in a bathroom(comfy bed and a nice little setup for him to rest and be safe) and he proceeded within 2 hours to eat a hole in the door to try and escape! Chico came to us with spine issues, hip dysplasia and an arthritic knee that locks up.  Watching him walk is interesting. Nothing moves in the direction nature intended.  He recently had a MRI of his spine because he was unable to use his back legs.  The MRI showed 8 discs which were candidates for surgery.  This was not an option.  With the use of steroids, limiting his movements he started walking again after 2 weeks.  He is a very determined dog and we will continue to support him, care for him and love him until he tells us he is done and tired as he most surely will!

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